Photo by Czuko Williams

We finished our campaign that during the last 14 days invited thousands of people, coming from over 15 different countries, to get into the skin of refugees. We have distributed thousands of messages:

also translated to German and French, thanks to the collaboration of supportive friendships. (Eli and Ursula)

Pilgrims and also the people of the towns have seen the photographs which was kindly given by: Czuko Williams, Two ways of lookings – Dos maneras de mirar and Dionisio Canyas. These pictures also have encouraged us to keep on with the project day by day that we did completely altruistic. These photographs and others that we have been taking during these days you can see on the blog of the web
On the web also you can see a list of places that in many different ways gave a hand in the project.

Photo by Czuko Williams

We will continue doing our activity to attract the attention to injustice and to remind the people to fraternity and solidarity. Close your eyes to avoid to see the suffering of many human beings and the earth , does not help us at all!

We can explain many anecdotes of these days …pilgrims who cried while reading our message or watching the photographes or even a homeless man who insisted to give us his sleeping bag and tent to carry them to a refugee. Of course we had also some misunderstandings and if we have to complain about something we will do about some institutions which are working with refugees for their little interest in the campaign.
Many more but it would be very long to write. It is better if the next time you join us to live this experience together with us.

Photo by Czuko Williams

We would like once more to return thanks for the help of all of these people (without any institucions) who gave us a hand. They encouraged us to carry out the project, they helped to deliver our message to the others, some of them supported us financially, cause we didn’t want to ask money from the pilgrims.

We try to maintain active our web to make it a point for more information and awareness about the situation of refugees.

We remain united in our aim for a better life!
Thanks for your interest!

Photo by Czuko Williams