After our trip to Greece as independent volunteers we didnt stop to ask about how to continue our mission to not leave alone all those families whose was forced to leave their land by cause of the war … .because today, seven months after our trip the situation has not improved much in the fields and although less people reach Europe in search of refuge, but in this summer was beaten the record of drowned persons in the Mediterranean.

In this time we rather want to make campaign here in Spain because we think that nowdays the issue of refugees is a bit forgotten. So we are going to the Camino of Santiago to draw the attetion, to inform, to dialoge and to exchange views with pilgrims. We would like to make a little exposition of fotos, posters and some leaflet to give to the people.

We will do this action without asking anything in return, without asking any money from the pilgrims. We will not make any collection but to realize this proyect we need your economic help to pay the travel, the daily needs, and materials (fotos, posters, leaflet).
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